Here is the What, When, Where and HOw of Heligroundschool.com

How do I sign up for HeliGroundSchool.com?

HeliGroundSchool.com is available 24/7 via our online learning management system (this website) or through a certified helicopter flight training academy! Contact your local helicopter flight school. If you are having trouble finding a flight school in your area that offers online helicopter ground school training, please contact info@heligroundschool.com and we will return your email within one business day. If you want to enroll for HeliGroundSchool.com training now, please go to the Enrollment Page and complete the form.

If you are having any issues registering and purchasing, please use the Buy It Now Button and a new account will be created for you.

Do you offer a Veteran Discount for HeliGroundSchool courses?

Yes, we do offer a Veteran Discount for those with prior military service. Please use the link below to validate your service and enroll today!

What Branch of the U.S. Military were you in?
HeliGroundSchool Veterans

Why should I choose HeliGroundSchool.com for my helicopter ground school?

The HeliGroundSchool.com online learning management system and related helicopter training theory were adopted from the curriculum of a part 141 approved flight school. This content is meant to allow students to use this content as an approved home study program (e-learning) to satisfy ground school requirements. In addition to 24 hour access to the content, review materials, and testing application, online ground school also gives the student a more efficient method to complete the ground school.

Where do we get our flight time?

Any school that is accepted by any FAA approved home study ground school.

Which schools will accept the training certification from HeliGroundSchool.com?

It can be accepted by any flight school. Please contact the flight school for specific information on using our program for your helicopter ground school.

Will online degree programs and colleges or universities accept HeliGroundSchool.com?

They are more than welcome to license our content into their own Learning Management System (LMS). All HeliGroundSchool.com content is SCORM conformant for easy integration with any online institution. Most institutions require SCORM content for courses offered online. HeliGroundSchool.com uses a customized implementation of Moodle LMS to manage students, courses and administration. Many colleges and universities also use Moodle for online learning. All content has been tested in multiple environments to ensure compatibility for any user with internet access and a web browser.

Can I keep the courses forever?

No, the average time to complete ground school is 6 months. You will get 12 months of access with your purchase. If there is a need for an extension, that can be discussed later.

What are the requirements in order to enroll for HeliGroundSchool.com?

There is no requirement to getting into HeliGroundSchool.com, if you are interested that is requirement enough.

Do I need to get a medical license before I can do ground school?

No, you don't need a medical license until it is time for you to fly in the helicopter.

Do I get a pilot license after completing the courses?

No, after the courses are done you just get a certificate indicating you have finished helicopter ground school for a private license; you will have to go to a flight school to finish your helicopter training in order to receive your complete pilot license.

Is HeliGroundSchool.com a flight school?

No, HeliGroundSchool.com is not a flight school, it is an online helicopter ground school solution designed for the ground school portion of your private pilot training only. Your actual flight lessons must be conducted at a flight school.

How can my flight school start using HeliGroundSchool.com?

If you are a flight school and you would like to use HeliGroundSchool.com as your online helicopter ground school, please email info@heligroundschool.com and we will contact you within one business day.

Last modified: Wednesday, February 21, 2024, 11:19 AM