Why HeliGroundSchool.com?

an online helicopter ground school course specifically for helicopter student pilots!

Over 20 hours of helicopter ground school instruction for the cost of less than 1 hour of helicopter flight instruction!

The HeliGroundSchool.com course is designed for helicopter student pilots and is focused on helicopter content first or foremost! It offers helicopter student pilots a complete set of helicopter specific theory.

Testimonial from a student

"Yes!! Yes it did! I’m finishing my Instrument & commercial as we speak! Your course was absolutely instrumental in my success! Thank you!"

This helicopter theory course is designed for:

New Students: 
• no prior knowledge required
• provides exceptional foundational helicopter theory needed to progress as a helicopter student pilot

Existing Students:
• will supplement and complement the student’s existing knowledge base and any course material currently in use
• is a great refresher course to review studies already completed

Flight Schools & Instructors:
• is a wonderful reference tool that flight schools and instructors can use with students
• as an initial study tool, this will provide flight schools and instructors with students who have a more complete and thorough knowledge base foundation on which to build
• used properly it will result in better prepared students

In an online format, the school content is available 24/7 - anywhere, any time and on any device.

Proper utilization by students will result in more efficient use of flight instruction time!

The academic content presented in this helicopter ground school course is comprehensive and thorough ...

The course consists of 31 modules (14 lessons, 14 quizzes and 3 check tests)!

LESSONS - please see a description of the lessons presented below:

• Lesson 1 - Helicopter Systems:
   Basic R-22 helicopter components, systems and instruments.

• Lesson 2 - Introduction to Aerodynamics:
   Aerodynamics and principles relative to helicopter flight.

• Lesson 3 - Principles of Helicopter Flight:
   Understanding the principles of helicopter flight.

• Lesson 4 - Remaining Principles of Helicopter Flight:
   The aerodynamics of turns and autorotations.

• Lesson 5 - Airworthiness:
   Airworthiness, Pilot Operating Handbook, Service Bulletins, Airworthiness Directives, Maintenance Logbooks and Required Documents

• Lesson 6 - Helicopter Performance:
   Weight and balance terminology and density altitude calculations.

• Lesson 8 - Understanding Weather - Part 1:
   Weather elements and their importance to the pilot. 

• Lesson 9 - Understanding Weather - Part 2:
   Introduction to the basic weather elements. 

• Lesson 10 - Weather Services:
   How aviation weather is collected and distributed.

• Lesson 11 - Airspace:
   How to decipher and understand requirements to enter all airspaces under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) conditions.

• Lesson 12 - Cross Country Flight Planning:
   Types of Visual Flight Rules (VFR) charts available while using them in conjunction with the E6B flight computer and a navigation log.

• Lesson 13 - AIM, Airport and Heliport Operations:
   Usage of the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) as well as general airport and heliport operations.

• Lesson 15 - Radio Navigation:
   Radio navigation and its application to cross country flight.

• Lesson 16 - Part 1 - Federal Aviation Regulations:
   Usage of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) and applicable sections.

• Lesson 16 - Part 2 - FAR, Psychological & Physiological Factors:
   Physiological and psychological factors that affect the safety of flight.

QUIZZES – please note: 
• Each lesson is followed by a related quiz to test the student’s understanding of the material presented.
• Progress onto the next lesson is only obtained by passing the quiz on the current lesson.

STAGE REVIEWS - the HeliGroundSchool.com course also offers reviews in the form of written check tests at 3 different stages.

Please see a description of the stage reviews (written check tests) below:

• Lesson 7 - Stage 1 Review - Written Check Test:
   A review of material presented in lessons 1-6.

• Lesson 14 - Stage 2 Review - Written Check Test:
   A review of material presented in lessons 1-13.

• Lesson 17 - Stage 3 Review - Written Check Test:
   A review of material presented in all previous lessons.

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